The Journey Begins

Science ( Latin ” Scientia” meaning “Knowledge”) can be described as a systematic Knowledge which organizes explanations and predictions about each and every thing around us.Just for our better understanding, we have divided Science in to different branches such as natural sciences (e.g physics, chemistry , biology), social sciences (e.g. economics, sociology, psychology, etc.), formal sciences to understand abstract concepts (e.g. maths, computer science,logic,etc.) and applied sciences like medicine and engineering. Thus, it is a obvious fact that Science is not discrete but interdisciplinary. It is important that we should try to view and understand Science the way it is.
With an aim to foster interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics presents first published online e-magazine GENOMEDEN.

GENOMEDEN is a quarterly e-magazine that welcomes articles, essays, and creative write-ups from students, interns, freshers, faculties, professionals and practitioners.



In this section, you will come across wonderful write-ups from the experts pertaining to genetic aspects of dental disorders, salivary research and diagnostics, technology and advancements in the field of medical genomics and also various other articles pertaining to basic sciences like genetics, molecular biology, etc. and other popular science topics

This section has three subsections: a) Dental Genetics b) Medical Genomics c) Popular Sciences

2) Find-o-Facts:

In this section you can upgrade your knowledge on various information from the industrial experts, legal advisors, marketing analysts and much more.

3) Wordsmiths’ Corner:

This section is particularly for students and interns from various faculties of science and technology, medicine and dental sciences where they can showcase their scientific writing skills, creative scientific thoughts and ideas.

4) Pen A Page:

This section displays the winning essays of the monthly essay competition conducted by Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics. This contest encourages the participation of students (undergraduates and postgraduates), interns, freshers and professionals from dental, medical, general and allied sciences. Read new and wonderful essays from the Winners of Pen a Page Contest!

Let us join hands together and start this journey to develop right attitude (A), right skills (S), and gain right knowledge (K) and keep ASK-ing about Science and its interdisciplinary nature!