In A Lockdown

Yes in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic our govt with its prime minister Modi declared a lockdown of the entire country on March 24th 2020
Limiting the entire movement of 1.3 billion population as a preventive measure against the spread of vivid 19 pandemic. A pandemic is a disease that spreads across the globe inflicting the human race. The lockdown was placed when the number of positive cases in India was 500.
What it meant...
All families stay put at home,
All business establishments closed,
All travel bus trains stopped,
After a while even international travel were stopped.

What remained open was few vegetables vendors, medical shops, small shops
Courier services were in place.
How did the common man take this?
How does he or she take this
There's always an initial reaction of shock. Followed by mild depression
Followed by acceptance
Life had taught us to be always in a hurry
Early morning chores out to work evening siesta netting, club, games etc.,
Not to mention about an occasional drinks and snacks then back home to family...
Now the morning chores do begin green tea, exercise on terrace and breakfast
No outside food
After this what???
Social media...Whatsapp Facebook
Emails, calls
Some have work from home optionSome don't
Dentists, Chartered Accountants civil works innumerable occupations requiring outside work had a million-dollar question what do I do with life in a lockdown...
What's different now the routine has changed...
We are not going to meet people
No handshakes
No competition
In one roof with family
The nook and corner well understood
The hardships well scrutinized
A helping hand got generated and contribution is the well documented story to be written now
Life in a lockdown starts with a shock of the news, followed by depression, denial and acceptance.
It takes lot of courage to do that.
Social media contributes to the true and fake has to absorb what is good ...and move on.
The reigning health masteries like the UN and WHO...
bring out and advise certain policies
That can be implemented in day to day life...What is lacking is the services of domestic help that has taken a major convenient zone in many a life...
Staying home and stay put is not impossible. When certain rules are laid and followed.
Begin the day with a positive note
Prayer to thee and world. Helping spouse and children with equal distribution of labour, sweeping mopping and cleaning vessels
Are the major issues to be addressed in a phased manner to realize that this will not be available for. some time it takes a toll.
to keep emotional outbursts in control, listen to soothing music, watch an old movie or a new thriller! which is available at the drop of a hat. Why not make use of all the facilities
What's necessary is to relax.
a new language to learn, a music class online if working from home then frequent exercise breaks...
What perturbs us most is the news channels that project facts with spice.
Taking it with a pinch of salt is necessary.
Life in lockdown involves social distancing...gathering of people is restricted even shops are assigned to make the consumer maintain a distance
Of three feet...
Several online apps provide doorstep delivery big essentials and medicines
Inspite of being tech savvy. Certain people lack the same and they can be guided. Online delivery platforms may be strengthened in terms of logistics support (procurement, movement, last-mile connectivity) to help them deliver essential goods to end-use customers. As of now, they are only able to offer services in small pockets because of problems in accessing supplier, transportation, loading and unloading, movement of delivery boys, etc. An alternate and essential service delivery channel is an effective guarantee of ensuring that people stay at home.
A chain reaction ensues online shopping net banking, or paying through apps..
As age advances seniors are used to sit at home in the comfort zone.
As a human being one should understand that the malady has begun to spread unabated. The only way to protect oneself is to stay indoors get the message clear that the country, state head is concerned and cares for your life. If u have a roof with good accommodation and good ventilation why not listen to the government and abide by the rules. That way it's hard to digest scores of people dying and suffering, not mention about the homeless, it is prudent to understand.
When seeing the downtrodden it reverberates the blessings received and one can rest assure stay in lockdown life instead of brooding or grieving about it. Nature wants some rest from pollution undaunted let's give it a breather to usher us into newer tomorrow with greener pastures and cleaner world.


Dr. R. M. Lalitha

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