Life During Lockdown


“Get busy living or get busy dying” – Stephen King
These lines throw lights on the current scenario of today’s world. When the whole world is struck by a catastrophe, neither the most advanced country nor the on process developing country is left unturned, the catastrophe sees no difference on making it’s mark on the universe.
30 January, 2020 the first ever COVID-19 case was reported in India. And with this began the surge in the number of cases. Amidst the pandemic creating a havoc in the whole country where already schools and colleges were getting closed, examinations getting postponed, malls and all other gathering places were getting shut people were asked to stay home, not to go out if its ain’t an emergency. On 24th March 2020 the biggest decision was taken in a country of 130crore people “Complete Lockdown” for 21 days. The decision which was taken for people’s own safety has an altogether different reaction in everyone’s life. But choosing life above everything people did started following the lockdown.
Life became a not so unusual routine during the early days of lockdown. Initially it was all fun and frolic for many as they knew spending quality time with their families was all they ever wanted from their busy schedule. For many it was both a moment of satisfaction as well as agony, because the lockdown did hit hard on their daily wage income.
Life during lockdown has never been the same story for everyone. While the kiddos had just realised that their best moments have come, the “WORK FROM HOME” trend got it’s new peak.. When the era of Netflix and Amazon were on dynamics, Television came back in competition repeating the evergreen old comebacks. From starting the days with news and reports to ending up with laughing and giggling in the house balcony was one of its kind. With each day passing , almost everyone had gained a sense of cooking, exploring the chef inside us was one of the firsts everyone has tried in this lockdown. Counting with artistic skills, reading books, painting, sketching , instrumentation and a lot more and adding ice to the cake “the social networking apps” was like a boon to the human race. Home workouts, meditation were some of the self isolation goals which people started adopting.
Amidst everything happening there were some sets of families where the story is altogether different. Families whose one of the member is affected, families who could not see their own dear ones because of home quarantine or self isolation. Families not being able to make for their near ones during their last times, families whose members are out there rendering service to the mankind , to the society. Yes the scenario is not the same everywhere. The role player of today’s scenario, all the frontline workers, the Doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, army, military, social workers and all the grassroot level workers who are working day and night fighting the pandemic, their family story is not the same. When we sleep safe and secure these are the families for whom every single night is a battle praying to hear the well being of their loved ones.
Sooner or later we all know this pandemic will come to an end. Life will go back to the rush, the chaos and the zeal, normalcy will return. But this 21 days certainly have taught us many lessons. It’s ok to stop for a while and not rush for work, it’s good to spend a lot more of family time, it’s ok not to go for a lavish lifestyle when leading a simple life is much easier.
Yes this lockdown had a mixed emotion and feeling in everyone’s life. A mindset which none of is has ever thought of living but as we all know All Wells that Ends Well. This too shall pass . We will overcome this, we will survive this.

#Stayhome #Staysafe

Prangya Paramita
Intern (BDS)

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