Life In A Lockdown: Straight From The Heart



COVID 19 the most searched, feared,investigated,trending word for the past one month which has carved the time into two epochs which are before and after coronavirus pandemic.It just took 12 weeks for the virus to bring the world to a halt and put our lives and our society to lockdown. This lockdown came into effect on March 25th 2020 when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 21 days lockdown of the whole country in order to prevent the further spreading of the virus which was growing exponentially. All the activities came to to stand still except the emergency services of hospital,powerstations,medicine shops were kept opened for services.

Pre lockdown period 

The day I got the leave from college due to the outbreak my heart uttered the same words as was spoken by the students of IIT Delhi on cancellation of the exam which was "coronavirus ki jai ho".Alas this happiness didn’t last long and it coccuned itself somewhere in my heart when news of death and cry rang in my ears through news. This life of lockdown came up with the introduction of new words for me like Quarantine and safe distancing. This lockdown has its own impact in the household of every Indian be it a poor or a rich. Positive impact Every situation has its own pros and cons. Talking about the positive impact, the most significant was the decrease in the sudden spike of the number of patients being affected due to the virus.

  • This lockdown has given us the long cherished break that we all were craving for to spend time with ourselves and our family,cherishing the past times,going through the unread books and also gave us the opportunity to develop new skills and excel on it.
  • The contribution of doctors and health workers and their unimaginable service in discovering the vaccine to save mankind proves that they are real heroes in time of need.
  • The chirping of birds has replaced the hustle and bustle of cities and their evidence of dolphins being seen in Marine Drive in Mumbai.
  • The Hindu Muslim riots that shook our country and took lives of many were now at their back seats and newspapers were filled with instructions of the government and their daily updates
  • It was good to see that government officials had come up to the grass root level and departments have worked hand-in-hand unitedly to maintain the livelihood of the people in spite of this huge disruption.
  • Mother nature also got the chance to exhale the toxic gases and the air quality index which was on the declining front eventually found some positive results.
  • The police and the Judiciary system on one hand controlled the law and order strictly and on the other hand they lent their helpful hands to the people in their time of need and ensured that the lockdown was being followed strictly.
  • A drop in the siesmic waves of earth was found due to reduced vibration and less movement throughout the earth. Negative impact No amount of improvement in climate can justify the loss of lives, sufferings and pain that the people of the world are going through.COVID-19 is a perfect storm of disease which creeps from person to person through droplets and can only be stopped by some drastic measures like lockdown. But this pandemic had far reaching consequences beyond the spread of disease and efforts to quarantine it.
  •  The exodus of migrant workers to the native village  raised concerns. Gathering of Nizamuddin for Tablighi Jamaat became the greatest threat as it enhanced the spread of disease by 50% and emerged as a prominent hotspot for the spread of pandemic.
  • In the economic front there is recession in economic development. In order to provide supply of essential commodities our Prime Minister provided essential commodities across the country but still that was not sufficient due to non uniform supply.
  • In the medical sector there is insufficient supply of masks, hand sanitizers and PPE. There is resentment among the medical fraternity for the same. The shameful thing that happened was the doctors were being chased, beaten and even harassed and developed from their homes over the fear that they may carry coronavirus.
  • The enforcement of the epidemic disease act, 1897 had led to the closing of the educational institution and other commercial establishments. All entrance exams were cancelled.
  • The greatest threat lies in the dilemma of choosing between life and livelihood. In the socio economic aspect the lockdown has a huge impact on the informal workers,farmers and daily wage earners who were left with no livelihood in the absence of market and transportation. Although measures were being taken to boost the economy but still the answer lies in the unfathomable depth of future when the government will lift the lockdown.
  • Millions of workers are gradually losing their hold on their savings which are being spend to fulfill the daily needs

Probable post lockdown scenario

According to some economists, world economy might witness "The Great Depression" of 1930.

  • Supply of essential commodities will not be uniform and price hike will take place.
  • The poor will not be able to buy those essential commodities and famine might take place.
  • The world might replace the form of greeting one another from handshake to namaste.
  • Development of vaccine might occur against coronavirus and rapid test to detect the effected people might happen in the pandemic hotspot.


In spite of all the ups and downs that the world is seeing and will see in future, we all hope that all the miseries of people will come to an end. But mother nature once again proved that how much progress we make still we are helpless in front of her.

Author: Dr. Suvam Thakura

Dental Intern

Hitech dental college and hospital


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