Spelling My Heart: Life In A Lockdown


Did this all happened out of our shear desire for holidays or out of what we deserve? The world is grappling with an invisible deadly enemy trying to understand how to live with the threat posessed  by the virus. For some writers, the only way forward is to put pen to paper, trying to conceptualize and document what it feels like to continue living as countries are under lockdown and regular life seems to have a ground to a halt.

The coronavirus outbreak which temporarily shuttered many of my favourite places, made me realise how much I took my social life for granted. My best friends whom I used to regularly visit are rightfully practicing social dispensing. For us this means only connecting through our phones.

Being stuck at home I have developed serious cabin fever and I'm eating way too many snacks from broccoli to Maggi but I have also been reading and cooking a lot which has been fun. My little brother has been my taste tester and so far he hasn't had any upset stomach and has been calling me for hours to mock my isolation all alone here. Being in the kitchen and creating meals like pasta and musli smothered in a sweet potato garlic sauce has helped take my mind off covid-19 the disease, with so much of uncertainty in the world including the seemingly growing economic recession, it is easy to become frustrated scared and downright angry but we can't just focus on the bad though the bad is on large scale.
We should use this moment to reflect on the Good in life and we must be as productive as we can. Now is the time to indulge in your hobbies for beginner new one, journaling as it can help you think through your problems and map out goals. Learn a new skill, get creative in the kitchen, create art, discover and stream documentaries or catchup mates not in person but by shuffling old belongings. The result is a first draft of how well somebody remember this time filled with uncertainty and pain and fever as well as small moments of hope and humanity. We are creators of habit in what we eat, what we work, what TV shows we watch. Right now all those habits have been sold out of the window. There is a lot of confusion but this is an opportunity to create new habits so what to Try? It may be fluid and can change, I genuinely think gardening is what will keep me going through, it connects me with the outdoors and the gentle satisfaction of watching things grow begins a unique positivity.

The scale of covid-19 and what it is doing to us is very worrying but an hour with different friends every evening really helps reduce anxiety and ofcourse you can make much more efforts that I do - dress up, like candles, provide nibbles.
Despite the remoteness of the interaction and the occasional annoyance of the technology, I find that people really talk in a video cocktail hour. Maybe that has something to do with the ambiguity of the interaction- you are neither alone or really company. You are halfway between the two and perhaps that makes you more candid. It's surprisingly what a difference it can make to a day of isolation and to your spirits in general, to see your friends faces in the evening and hear them talk and laughs. Isolation is bad for a species addicted to social intercourse. coronavirus lockdown and quarantines have inspired people to get creative in how they deal with these unprecedented circumstances. Another effect of countries around the world imposing complete lockdowns in that air pollution levels are now  considerably lower, wild animals have returned to the much clear waters of Venice canals, usually packed with Tourists, after Italy closed the country to foreign tourist and imposed lockdown.

Lessons learnt in the past few days during lockdown are China won the third world war without firing a missile, Rich people are infact less immune than the poor, health professionals are worth more than a film star, animals most likely feel the same way in the zoo as we do being quarantined, the planet regenerates quickly without human interference, everyone can survive without junk food, men can cook too, real heroes are our doctors nurses staff and most heroes of Hero -our soldiers. Life is so fragile, handle with care. Giving shape to time is especially important now when the future is so shapeless. We do not know whether the virus will continue to reach for weeks or months or lord help us on and off for years. We don't know when we will feel safe again. We may stay this way if we do not create atleast the illusion of movement in our lives, our long days spent with ourselves or partners or families.

It's a nice illusion- nice to feel like we are in it together even if my real world has shrunk to one person. It's nice in the same way as reading those essays that reframe social distancing as solidartity. We must begin to see the negative space as clear as the positive to know what we don't do is also brilliant and full of love. In emergencies citizens can suddenly cooperate and collaborate. Changes can happen. We need to work together as the effects of climate change ramp up. In order for capitalism to survive in any form. Here is an opportunity for us to see things differently that we really are all connected and adjust our behaviour accordingly. Are we willing to do this this?  Is this moment an opportunity to see how truly inter-dependent we all are.  To live in a world that is different and better than the one will live in now.

Let's collectively come together and fight against and unwanted guest (corona) with us smrink of spicenand lots of confidence and goodness around.

Author: Dr. Priyanka Yadav

Postgraduate Student

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