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Oral Cavity: A Fingerprint

It's remarkable that our oral cavity can reveal our identity. The mouth constitutes teeth, tongue, lip, mucosa, and other oral structures. To an average...

Genetic Counseling And Craniofacial Disorders

Genetic disorder indicates a disease related to DNA (hereditary materials) which could be due to changes in the genetic materials, gene mutations or altered...

Genomewide Association Studies On Dental Caries

Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for dental caries have investigated overall caries experience, specific presentations of disease and the presence or absence of disease...
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Genetic Correlation Studies On Gum Disease

Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for periodontitis have investigated measures, including the presence or absence of disease, quantitative measures of periodontal status, severe presentations...

Genetics of Greed!

According to Erich Seligmann Fromm ( a German- born American social pychologist) Greed , also known as avarice, is "a bottomless pit which...

Nanodentistry: Every Small Particle Counts

Man is creature who goes on creating new technologies and tries his best to make it the most efficient one. Nanotechnology is the concept...
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Human Genome: Its Time to Challenge

Human body...It would still not be enough how much more adjectives that I add to define it as a complex,involuted,intricate,tangled,serpentine, knotly and a multiplex...

Nutrigenetics: The New Health Tool

The human genome reading has opened new perspectives on the knowledge of the human beings, particularly on Modern Medicine which instead of be merely...