IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) And Healthcare

“Intellectual property Rights” is the broad term for the area of law that involves the protection of proprietary rights in the creations of human...

Signature Microbiomes for Superior Health

By - Dr Shriram Raghavan Senior Vice President, Jananom Pvt. Ltd Vice President, Evolva Biotech Coimbatore, India What are signature microbiomes in us? Over the last 60 months there...

GENOMEDEN December 2022 Issue

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Salivary Diagnostics – An Insight

I.IMPORTANCE OF SALIVARY DIAGNOSTICS: 1. Undemanding procedures 2. Non-invasive techniques 3. No trained medical staff is required 4. Quick...

SARS-CoV-2 Therapeutic Strategy

COVID19 is a multi-organ disease affecting the lung, heart, kidney, and brain. This has led...

Gut-Brain Axis – Know How Gut Talks To Your Brain

By - Dr Rujuta Patil BDS, MDS, PDCR You might have noticed that eating tasty food elevates...
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Top Selling Covid19 Drugs And Vaccines

Veklury (Remdesivir) is the first FDA approved drug to treat Covid19. It is a SARS-CoV-2...
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The Layman Approach to Medical Emergencies

“Diseases desperate grown, By desperate appliance are relieved, Or not at all”:William Shakespeare - Hamlet  Introduction Time and...

Clinical Mystery

The Curious Case Of A Reluctant Hypertensive Patient: Solve The Clinical...

Rajesh is a 50-year-old man working as a clerk in a private office. He does not stay with family and is away due to...

Genomeden Magazine

Genomeden September 2022

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GENOMEDEN November 2021 Issue

November 2021 Highlights This issue discusses possibilities of regrowing lost natural teeth, the impact of a high protein diet on cardiovascular health, an overview of...

GENOMEDEN October 2021 Issue

GENOMEDEN October 2021 Issue This issue covers breakthroughs in the field of Dental Implants, an overview of a rare genetic disorder, clinical mystery with an...