Salivary pH: A Boon to Biomarker Diagnostics


Everyone in this universe very well understands the role of saliva inside the mouth. Of course, saliva helps to chew and digest food. This is a fact that saliva is made up of 99% of water and the rest 1 % of this fluid consists of various biochemical components. The secrets of saliva are hidden under these 1% parts, which results in the diagnosis of various health diagnoses. The basic environment of the mouth cavity is protected by saliva only. Another amazing fact is that our old doctors called saliva the sibling of blood because of their same origin. As blood test reveals a various diagnosis of diseases in the same way saliva is also considered as the indicator of diseases. Also, the sample collection process of saliva is less painful and easier than blood tests.

Proof from Researches

Various researches were done on saliva for the specific diagnosis and are considered to be the biomarker of various oral diseases. Oral diseases are of many kinds but the majors are dental caries or cavities, and periodontal or severe gum diseases known as gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases result when some imbalance arises between microbial activities and the mouth cavity. The reason behind this imbalance many, some of them are high sugar intake, fewer fruits and vegetable intake, use of fluoride less toothpaste, no proper flossing of teeth, etc. As a result of which microorganisms start doing their work inside the mouth because of laziness or unawareness of proper cleaning of the oral cavity.

Value of Salivary pH

Scientific studies show that salivary pH contributes a key role as a biomarker for the diagnosis of diseases. Under normal standards, pH is the term that is used to denote a solution, whether it is acidic or alkaline. 7 is considered as the neutral value of pH. If the pH value is less than 7 then the solution falls under an acidic environment and if the value is more than 7 then the solution is alkaline. Now, understand these pH values with saliva solubility. When the salivary pH value is neutral then there is no risk of teeth decay or plaque. Also, a healthy environment is developed inside the oral cavity. But when pH is not neutral or not near to pH 7, then there rings an alarm of worried condition. As discussed earlier that blood and saliva are sharing the same diagnostic biomarkers, it is being concluded that pH imbalance is an indicative symptom of many diseases, affecting the body. Various scientific experiments resulted in the fact that the pH value is alkaline in the patients of gingivitis and acidic in the patients of periodontitis when compared with the neutral salivary pH, patients.

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Safety Rules

In the concluding remarks, salivary pH is considered a quick biomarker diagnostics as it is easy and painlessly, collected as a sample in comparison with the blood test. The significant changes in salivary pH will indicate the severity of periodontal diseases. This article states that there is a strong relationship between periodontal diseases and salivary pH and the imbalance will lead to the suffering of patients and nothing else. So, patients have to take care of their mouth cavity as needed by taking precautionary measures discussed earlier, for healthy oral care.

Always remember, a healthy mind is achieved by a healthy body and a healthy body is gained by a healthy oral cavity. The secret to keeping a healthy oral cavity is hidden inside saliva. So, praise the boon of Salivary pH to make yourself healthy by taking all the precautionary measures. As we all know that, Health is Wealth. So, follow and enjoy the boon of life.


Dr. Sanchita Shrivastavaa (PhD)


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