5 Common Misconceptions About Scholarships And Grants


A scholarship or Grant is the most significant achievement for any researcher, as it lays the foundation for a dream career. Many research institutes, organizations, and universities offer scholarships and grants across various subject areas. Despite increased awareness about research, scholarships, and grants, a few myths keep everyone in doubt. Let’s look into the most 5 common myths surrounding grants and scholarships which are being heard mostly from many upcoming researchers in the scientific community:

1. Only Gifted people get it

The most commonly mistaken myth about scholarships and grants is the misbelief that only gifted people receive them. Gifted people getting grants and scholarships is not valid. Although many organizations are offering scholarships, the number of organizations providing are limited for the number of applicants in the research field. Anyhow, scholarship applications have specific criteria varying between each other. The varied selection criteria is often mistaken as a limitation with a myth about only gifted people getting grants and scholarships.

2. Competition

Competition is another big myth many people mention as an excuse for not being able to achieve scholarships or grants. But in reality, smaller organizations and smaller group institutes said they did not receive enough applications for scholarships. It is all about finding the most suitable research organization for your expertise that can review your application. Alternatively, you can explore a smaller group of organizations that offer scholarships where competition is comparatively lesser.

3. Lengthy process

The level of effort to search for a scholarship or grant leads to this misconception. To some extent, it is true upto some extent, with common difficulties in searching for the proper funding organization. Here the researchers need to do an intelligent search with various inputs with a surplus of resources available these days. Applying for scholarships is even easier than applying for a job, as it needs minimal and essential details. Each organization and institute follow specific procedures.

It is suggested to check with the ‘How to’ information before applying for any scholarship or grants. This makes your application procedure smoother and faster.

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4. Living costs are only covered

Again, it all makes for good research to conclude that only “Living Costs are covered” through the Scholarships and grant programs. Some institutions cover all expenses, including tuition fees, books and printing costs. All it needs is a bit of additional research and information about institutes that offer to fund internships, learning language courses, research trips, study visits and much more beneficial expenses. Each Institute covers different aspects for funding which need to be understood carefully while applying.

5. Financial Status

There is some extent of truth in developing this myth and being circulated among everyone. Scholarships are closely scrutinized in some aspects, but that does not mean only financially underpowered people will be considered eligible for grants and scholarships. It depends on the application submitted and the purpose of the application by the researcher. Few institutes consider applicants looking to build expertise in a specific profession or help a section of students in their area of expertise.

Grants and Scholarships look at the applicant’s potential and goal-driven approach presented in the application. So, the myth about financial eligibility is no longer to be believed.

There are many inhibitions, hurdles and misconceptions that come in the way before applying for funding. It is pretty common and not unusual to have such doubts and take a back step towards the scholarship. These common myths have to be encountered with the help of information and exchanging ideas between peers and other researchers. As research results come with a great deal of patience, so does your grant or scholarship funding. These myth-busters clear your hurdles and improve confidence about your strengths.


Ravi Teja Yeramilli


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