Genomeden Free e-magazine: February 2024


“We only have what we give”-Isabel Allende

Here’s a #freeaccess to our #emagazine….

Genomeden Global: A Free E-Magazine is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers!

Fostering interdisciplinary scientific knowledge since 2018

Our achievement­čĺ¬

Through the years, Genomeden have been supporting many freelancers who published their first work samples ( guest blogs) through this platform at ZERO COST with author credit!

Key Spotlights:

1. Founder Story: Life Science Startups

2. Freelancer Spotlight

3. Student Profile of the month

4. Voice of PhDs

5. Product of the month

Section Highlights:

1. Medical Genomics

2. Biomedical research

3. Medical & Dental Genetics

4. Lifestyle disorders

5. Oral healthcare research

6. Career Growth Tips

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