Book Review Event ‘COVID-19 Detection Strategies – Swab To Saliva’


What Is This Book About?

COVID-19 pandemic has immensely influenced the healthcare and economic status of every country in the world. The morbidity and mortality caused by this pandemic have led to the emergence of various SARSCoV-2 detection methods. Improved detection
technologies make way for early, rapid, and accurate diagnosis of the disease. The knowledge of the operating principle of each diagnostic technique gives perspective on analyzing the most appropriate diagnostic tool for the present scenario. The potential areas of diagnosis include population screening, testing in under-served populations, school testing, vaccine trials, and epidemiological research. This book focuses on the current status of COVID-19 diagnostic methodologies highlighting point-of-care tests that utilize saliva specimens as the testing matrix. Saliva research has emerged globally as a boon to diagnose the deadly virus because it aids in early detection of SARS-CoV-2. This book is an attempt to create awareness in the scientific community about the global market scenario for salivary diagnostics and to elucidate the promising futuristic role of saliva in the accurate diagnosis of COVID-19.

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Book Contents

Chapter 1
Covid 19
: Pandemic That Changed The World

This chapter serves as an Introduction to Covid19 pandemic, its origin and how the pandemic changed the human lifestyle on earth

2Chapter 2
SARS CoV 2 Genetics – Inside Out

In this chapter, the detailed genetic composition of Covid19 is highlighted including the different variants and the relevant genetic mutations

Chapter 3
Look, Come And Conquer

This chapter focuses on the pathogenesis of Covid19 as well as highlights the role of salivary glands and saliva in the same context

4Chapter 4
Pull-off The Nucleic Acid

In this chapter, the basic principles of various nucleic acid based testing for Covid 19 are highlighted along with a list of tests that have been developed worldwide

5Chapter 5
The Secrets of Serology

In this chapter, the basic principles of various immunological testing for Covid 19 are highlighted along with a list of tests that have been developed worldwide

6Chapter 6
Swab to Saliva

This chapter highlights the importance of saliva in covid19 diagnostics. It also provides a list of saliva collection devices, saliva detection kits and various saliva tests for Covid detection. This chapter also highlights information on the present market status and the future growth with saliva diagnostics for Covid and in general.


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