Expert’s Speak: A Mindblowing Interview With Dr M V Ramanujan On Fractal Genomics

Dr M V Ramanujan , Founder and CEO Propinquity Genomics and Sciences Bangalore India

About Him :

Introducing Ram, a versatile personality with 32 years of functional biology experience, who currently holds positions as Enterpreneur and Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Growth Officer of Onco Phonomics, a Board Member SAb, and Chief Advisor of Genomics Global Genomics Businesses. Ram has an extensive background in microbiology, genetics, enzymology, protein chemistry, microbial physiology, nucleic acid enzymology, genomics, and I.T. He has worked with global leaders in four different countries, demonstrating a committed individual with the perfect combination of biology and I.T. Ram has experience working in various types of organizations, including product and service actors, and is known for his skilled eye for detail and exceptional execution of projects, resulting in succinct performance.

Ram is the proud owner of making India new to Earth molecules, specifically on his discovery of TJs, which has at least 168 various application beats competitions, hands down, similar to Ajinomoto of Japan. He is the only individual in Asia to have developed novel neurotrophic factors and neurotrophins as RH DNA-derived therapeutic protein replacement therapy, conducting many studies in USA Pharma during the early-mid 90s. New biologics are his core focus area in India, and he is motivated to elevate Indian science to global forums.

Ram’s competent areas in research and development include large molecule drug process development, downstream processing replacement, large molecule therapy, novel biologics, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars and biogenerics, genomics, genome informatics, bioit, bioinformatics, fractal biology, fractal genomics, Hong Kong ABS genome-guided therapy, fractal methods-based diagnostics, and cancer therapy.

Eclectica welcomes Ram as a guest on the show, and the host expresses their gratitude for Ram accepting the invitation.

What Is A Fractal?

A fractal is a self-similar repetition, where similar patterns repeat at different scales.

Examples of fractals include snowflakes, cauliflower, mountain cones, and temple structures.

Indians have a long history of building fractal geometry temples.

Why Is The Genome A Fractal?

The genome is a fractal globule structure, meaning it has a self-similar pattern at different scales.

The structure of the genome is as important as the genome sequence.

Copy number variations can alter the globule structure of the DNA.

Applications Of Fractals In Medicine?

Statistical diagnosis and probabilistic prognosis use fractal techniques.

Precision medicine also looks at fractals.

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