All of us are aware of the well-known saying, “first impression is the last impression” and our face plays a vital role to prove this phrase. Let me ask a question, “what do you think, is the most important part of the face which has the controlling power?” Of course, our mouth is the one, apart from other face parts. Hope, you all agree with me. But there is a twist in the story that many of us, actually all of us experienced bad breadth or salivation or cavity while face to face conversations. This is a disgraceful situation, either it happens with you or the person, with whom the conversation is going on. Exactly, you thought it right, one must never be able to concentrate on the wordings during that time of talk, as we all love, fresh smell and charming smile.

Another important fact is that we all like eating and drinking our favorite dishes and beverages whether chilled or grilled. But this is not an easy task for everyone on this earth, to get rid of sensitivity problems. Most of the population is suffering from oral health issues of every age group, including children. This article will resolve the mystery of dental cavities, which are hidden inside saliva. So, lets step into the secrets of saliva step by step.

Science Behind Saliva

You must be surprised when you come to know that our ancient doctors used to call blood and saliva as “brother”, of each other because they studied about the fact that both are from the same origin. As blood, saliva also considered as the vital liquid present in our body. Though 99% of saliva is composed of water but the remaining 1% is full of essential biological components. Scientists recognized that saliva contains entire library of proteins, hormones, antibodies and other molecular compounds which are typically measured in routine blood tests. Thus, inside our mouth we may have a key to pathological and disease markers locked up in the saliva.

Mystery About Dental Health

Dental health plays a very important role in the maintenance of body health. In other words, you can say that body health depends on dental health because the essential phenomenon of fitness starts from the mouth itself. Which is correctly explained in this phrase i.e., “Health is Wealth”.

Our teeth and other parts of mouth (oral cavity) are continuously under pressure of disease-causing agents, as the result of food intake. Teeth are continuously exposed to saliva along with these disease-causing agents (micro-organisms). Thus, to protect teeth, our body uses a protective mechanism which is controlled by saliva.

This protective mechanism is known as immune mechanism, in scientific terms. Through these complex series of events our teeth are coated with thin layer of salivary proteins known as pellicle. As a result, it protects the surface of our tooth as a positive side but on the other hand invites the present microorganisms too.

The outcome is rapid growth of acid inside mouth and arise of oral infectious diseases (dental caries). One of the major causes of dental caries is dental plaque or microbial plaque. Dental caries result when plaque forms on the surface of a tooth and converts the free sugars contained in foods and drinks into acids that destroys the tooth overtime. 

Studies stated that the salivary proteins serve to initiate the digestive process and there is a reciprocal effect of food intake on salivary function. Changes in food consistency such as liquid diet, can significantly change saliva protein composition by reducing protein concentration. Thus, saliva composition is affected by specific dietary components.

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Take Care for Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is required by every individual which include proper brushing of teeth on daily basis. This personal care prevents the formation of plaque. In addition to this care some dietary modifications are also required. It is recommended by the professionals to minimize snacks as snacking creates a continuous supply of nutrition for acid creating microbes inside the mouth. Secondly, fruits and candys are considered as chewy and sticky food which tends to adhere the teeth for longer period of time. So, brushing the teeth and mouth cleaning, after meal is necessary for better care of oral cavity.

Calcium, which is the base of teeth and present in milk and green leafy vegetables, often recommended to protect dental caries. Fluoride is also a necessary mineral which prevents the decay of tooth, adequate exposure of which is an essential factor. Thus, a continuous intake of sugar, inadequate exposure to fluoride, lack of calcium diet and lack of removal of plaque can lead to caries, pain and sometimes tooth loss and infection. The main cause of dental health is poor oral hygiene which has to be improved by better nutrition and oral care.


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Dr Sanchita Shrivastava (PhD)


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