Life of a BDS Student

woman inside laboratory

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”, said by- Lao Tzu. Life  is not a state but rather a journey towards a destination in an endless road. Life of every BDS student is a journey of their life through which they evolve through an ‘aspirant Dentist’ to ‘would be Dentist’ and finally he/she becomes a ‘Dentist’.

Life of a dentist is thoroughly dedicated for the life and longevity of teeth of the mankind, to safeguard degeneration of the gum of the peoples and precisely to make the ‘SMILE’ eternal through well-set teeth. As silence is sometimes more eloquent than words, beautiful smile describes the peaceful ambience and amity than hour –long speech to achieve the same. Shaking hands with the inimical neighbors with exchange of infectious SMILE, can restore durable peace. A dentist cultivates the art to keep this smile intact to the members of the society throughout his career as BDS student.

BDS study in India is about four years of journey and one year of rotatory internship, with each year giving divergent experience to every student.

FIRST YEAR:In first year we are new in college. In new place everyone is looking out for new friend, fun, crushes etc.

After months of preparation and finally getting through the entrance, we had a feeling of becoming dentist. But it’s not just a simple piece of cake, though it makes you ‘would be Dentist’ from an ‘aspirant Dentist’. Newcomers get a fresher’s welcome with a grand party to celebrate the start of their new life. In first year, students have to learn Biochemistry, Dental Anatomy and Dental Histology (DADH), Physiology and Anatomy.

In Biochemistry lab we have to play with salt and urine (Salt and Urine analysis) hopefully which is the easiest amongst all. In DADH lab you have to do wax carving where dress, desk, and even bag will be full of wax. You have to draw various diagram by H/E pencil. In short you are a painter. Physiology is where you need to prick your finger; such a frightening job than attending exam! Finally anatomy lab enlighten one student that life is not going to be filled with fragrance and help to learn to extract the best out of it anyway. In lab we first time experience the human corpse which we had to dissect. It is not easy task to do as there are many reason like smell of formaldehyde.But the end of first year we gain a feeling of a semi doctor and start to believe that next year is going to be funny. But the reality stand otherwise.

SECOND YEAR: In second year you have to study Preclinical Prosthodontics,Preclinical Conservative,Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Dental Material.

Preclinical Prosthodontics is where you have to full fill your quota of making teeth setting, playing with plasters, and modelling wax. At the end of the day, it’s just one word in ours mind Ah! It’s awful. Preclinical Conservative is where you start to prepare cavity and proper insertion of typho in phantom just makes you the artist. Pathology and Microbiology you understand through the slides in microscope. Pharmacology gets you a feeling of a pharmacist by preparing medicines and toothpaste.

Once in a blue moon you actually get to see around to see what’s happening. At the end of second year you finally get to realize that it is nothing but just a trailer of final year.

THIRD YEAR: Everyone says it’s a honeymoon period – believing this, you enter in third year. In this year, you have to read three subjects. Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology (OPOM), General Medicine, General Surgery. Getting on that beautiful white apron and stethoscope around your neck to visit general medicine and surgery wards; Young minds, young souls, so much to explore and so many fingers towards you saying “BDS students ah! – are they going to be doctor?” you are here to learn, here to question, have to be inquisitive, don’t let them tell you otherwise. At clinics you will encounter tongue, cheeks, saliva along with teeth. Say goodbye to phantom head model work luxury – so basically you will not find that much fun, whatever you expect but it’s a Blessing in disguise for your future.

FOURTH YEAR: And last but not the least; final year is main year of dentistry. In final year you have to study only dental subjects and that too eight subjects, e.g.- Oral Medicine and Radiology, Public Health Dentistry, Periodontology, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedic, Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry.You will realize that it was only your adrenaline that kept going through this. Just before the final exam the sleepless night, the late night study, the midnight craving are unforgettable. As day by day you get very close to the exam, it becomes the most testing time of life. After you finish the exam, on the last day you are in an air of melancholy surrounded yourself. Eventually you have the award of your life. Dental college is officially done! You’re a dentist! – Dr. BDS

INTERNSHIP: Once you get into Internship you start seeing patients you get posted in various department like Prosthodontics, Conservative, Oral Medicine and Radiology etc. Internship is just a rehearsal of becoming the final ‘Dentist’ where you would be the magician of Dentistry.

Nobody beats around the bush because now your actions speaks louder than your words. Though too many subjects, too many postings and lots of classes sometimes makes you feel ambivalent but every cloud has a silver lining as this journey finally makes you that ‘Dentist’ and life keeps going on but you crossed your stop-“Life of a BDS Student

Dr. Aishee Bhattacharya

(Dental Intern)

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