What is the GENOMEDEN Show ?

Biologically, we are Homo sapiens, the most evolved species on earth. But to become a Human in true sense, it is very important that we nurture our soft skills, talents and passion alongwith our academics and education. Extracurricular activities are as important as academics. Both keeps our brain working and not idle. But in the fast pace of life we sometimes tend to lose and neglect our inherent qualities and talents. The GENOMEDEN Show is a humble endeavor to keep all Active and Energetic so that we can inspire ourselves as well as others!

So come out of the closed shell and share your achievements, both academic and extracurricular, with GENOMEDEN! Let everyone in the world out there know about your hidden talents and all your hard earn achievements! Whether you are a topper in your curriculum, a fantastic painter, a poet, a writer, a mindblowing dancer or a singer and/or any other talent which have earned you accolades and appreciations at any point of time in your life, GENOMEDEN will happily showcase all!

Who Can Apply?

Any Students (Undergraduate / Postgraduate), Faculty, Professionals from dental, medical, biological sciences, biomedical engineering.

How to apply?

Write a brief description (100-200 words) about your achievement and mail at alongwith a relevant proof like certificate and/or photograph or both for the same.

Why Should You Apply?

If you want to inspire someone and propagate positivity with your story of your achievement, then you MUST choose the GENOMEDEN Show. The world will also know the “different you” just with a mouse click. Choice is yours.

What Is The Application Fees?

NO COST OF APPLICATION. It is absolutely Free. No other hidden costs pre – or post publication.

How often will you be showcased?

Your achievements will be published once in every three months and information will reach you through email.

Who organises the GENOMEDEN Show?

Indian Academy For Clinical and Dental Genetics


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