Voice of Womanhood (VOW): A Promise To Boost Your Innate Power


Inaugural session

October 19, 2022 @ 8:00 PM IST

Hosted by

GENOMEDEN – The Voice of Interdisciplinary Science And Life

About the event

It is a weekly audio event.

VOW is an endeavor of Genomeden.

Women are power.
It’s a woman who is capable of giving birth to another human being.

She can be an excellent administrator, a CEO, a managing director of a company, a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, and whatnot, and at the same time, a wonderful homemaker.

But sometimes, she forgets that she is the source of power, and as a result, she steps back or gets stuck. The constraints can be physical, psychological, financial, societal, or emotional.

Here we present a platform for the women, of the women, and by the women, where the answers to your queries are just a few clicks away.

If you feel stuck in your career, have a career break, or want to start fresh, tune in to our program.

We are the ‘Voice Of Womanhood (VOW)- We vow/promise to boost your innate power.’

So come on, all the beautiful ladies out there!

Join us!

It’s your voice- The voice of womanhood,
A pathfinder- where you share, and we will care for you.

Click the link below to join the inaugural session

Want to get a practical solution to your present challenges?

Send us your problems and we will make an effort to give you a practical solution


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