XALIVA – Portable Saliva Based COVID-19 Testing Device


Portable Saliva Based COVID-19 Testing Device

XALIVA is designed using latest nanoparticle detection technology. Traditionally nanoparticle analysis is performed using blood and urine samples. XALIVA uses saliva to perform nanoparticle analysis and rapid results are obtained.

XALIVA is a revolutionary testing platform. It uses saliva samples to detect COVID-19 rapidly. XALIVA  is a product of RICOVR Healthcare – an Ultra-sensitive Point-of-Care rapid diagnostics platform.

Key features of XALIVA

Non- invasive device

Uses saliva to test for COVID-19 antigens

Rapid results within 5 minutes

Provides Quantitative measures and displays it on screen

Ultrasensitive – Nanogram level detection

Truly portable- measures the size of fist

Easy to use – simple 3 step procedure

Saliva is patient and doctor friendly, non invasive and easy to handle. This makes it suitable sample for point-of-care rapid testing devices.

Dr Himanshu Bhatia

Dr Himanshu Bhatia

Meet The Founder

Dr. Himanshu Bhatia is a physician-scientist and the founder and CEO of RICOVR Healthcare Inc, USA. Himanshu has an extensive background in clinical medicine as well as basic sciences. Ricovr is a medical device company with a focus on using saliva for rapid point of care testing.

Ricovrs’ patented technology is capable of ultrasensitive detection of analytes and biomarkers including bacterial and viral detection.

Meet Dr Himanshu, International Guest Speaker, at the 4th International Saliva Summit of India (SALSI) 2022 Know More


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