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January 2022 Highlights

This issue discusses Is Genomics worth a Glance from a dentist’s perspective?, the significance of genetic counseling and craniofacial disorders, comparison of Saliva or Serum in Disease Diagnosis, clinical mystery with an interesting case to solve, a minireview on Challenges in dentistry due to Covid-19 …..and more Free Download

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Is Genomics worth a Glance from a dentist’s perspective?

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Genetic Counseling and Craniofacial Disorders

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Saliva or Serum in Disease Diagnosis

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Solution To Clinical Mystery

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Challenges in dentistry due to Covid-19

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Genomeden is a first of its kind interdisciplinary online monthly free e-magazine which focuses to foster knowledge in the fields of a) Dental Genetics, b) Saliva Diagnostics, Research and Therapeutics, c) Healthcare Research and Innovations, and d) LifeStyle disorders. Learn more

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