Healthcare Research and Innovations


Healthcare is of prime importance right from the individual to the community level. The current pandemic has defined the need for research and innovation in healthcare like never before. This crisis caused the global medical fraternity to frantically search for immediate possible solutions, which resulted in an unprecedented achievement of vaccine development in a short span of time which otherwise would have taken decades!

Research furthers the advancement of medical science by suggesting alternative solutions for existing medical and social issues. It plays an integral role by proposing new ideas for early detection, prevention, and treatment. Studies and technologies that can expand the realm of possibilities could transform the face of healthcare.

Innovations in Healthcare

There has been an explosion of innovations fuelled by start-up businesses, therefore, crafting a new trajectory for the healthcare industry.

Entrepreneurs encourage ideas and devices that provide greater convenience, accessibility, and affordability. Consequently, pushing the healthcare system for an enormous change. Recently, few promising innovations have made their way into the system. Their scope depends on their performance and needs.

Few of them have been listed below:(Copeland et al., 2016)

·Genetic sequencing: It can be applied for the purpose of identification of vulnerable population groups and for targeted patient therapies.

·3D-printing start-ups: They provide patient-tailored medical products customized for their personal needs.

·Immunotherapy: As an adjuvant treatment modality for cancer patients, with the goal of extending their survival while incurring lesser side effects and hospital charges.

·Artificial intelligence: It is being implemented for diagnosis as well as for screening patients.

·Drones have also been tested for their ability to transport emergency medical care.

·Many hospitals are using robotics for surgeries and virtual procedure simulations to reduce the risk involved during actual surgeries.

·The data available from various social media sites could be incorporated for studies by various healthcare organizations.

·Telehealth, like consultation through video conferencing, has come in handy during this pandemic situation and also reduced the load on the health facilities.

As quoted by Dean Kamen “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” New changes and upgradation are a constant requirement for the success of medical sector. Thus, research and innovationcontribute significantly to the improvement of the healthcare system.


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