Momentum – A Stage of Life to Pull Around During Lockdown


Arz Kiya he….

Arzoo thi hamesha yeh dil mein,

Kaash mil jaye kuchh fursat ke lamhe

Kuchh yeh kar lete, kuchh woh kar lete

Kuchh der to jee bhar ke aaram kar lete.                              

Mila waqt aisa ki sapna afsana ban gaya,

Bhagti hui duniya ab viraana ho gaya.

Nyochhavar tha sab kuchh jis aashiyana par,

Maloom pada na hai uska koi mol, na kadar

Chaahatein jo unche aasmaan par the udte,

Pata chala woh to mutthi mein hai samaate.

Bhaag raha tha baawra man, jisse sach samajhkar,

Aaj samjha woh mrigtrishna hai registaan par.

Samajh na saka, maaya, moh sab ek jaal hai,

Aapna hi rachaya hua ek Chakravyuh hai.

Itrata tha insaan, sochta tha khudko balwan,

Jana aaj dor hai tere haath hai Bhagwan.

Na hashrat aur hai in lamhon ki,

Phir se chahun main bhid mein samane ki.

Ha ha ha….. With the feelings of making a proper use of this lockdown and feelings of urging to go free into the world…. Lock down is viewed as a surprising gift of nature to protect, rejuvenate, prepare and bounce back.

An arrow pulled back, does not weaken the arrow; a bowler walking back for run up, is not about walking away the game of cricket; a singer remaining silence just before the song, does not stop the singer from singing or even a backpedal by a boxer, does not mean that the boxer is leaving the rings; and also a sprinter while taking his calm stance before a run, is not about avoiding the run of the life… therefore, when a batsman takes a backlift, it’s a preparation to hit the ball and when a sniper pulls the bolt, it’s a  confirmation to strike the target; when a drone is getting programmed, it’s an assurance to fly towards the mission; when a seed is under germination, it’s a foundation for a healthy shoot; and also when a skydiver holds its breath; it’s to spring a jump to explore the sky and similarly, it’s the nature’s gift that everything ‘holding on for a moment’ is about to create a momentum which is unstoppable…….

Remember…. your life is under a hold and on a propelling platform to scoot your momentum, towards an unending success and yes, treating this lockdown as the launching pad for your future journey, is the best utilisation you are making…isn’t it? Therefore, thinking assertively to understand the positive outcome we can explore from this situation can be expanded through the acronym LOCKDOWN as:

  • L – Luck to
  • O – Operate
  • C – Consciously and
  • K – Knowingly towards
  • D – Desired
  • O – Outcome
  • W – With
  • N – New Paradigm

If some selected creatures are blessed with hibernation, if every machinery has a planned shutdown maintenance, if the soul has an assured heavenly abode before a reincarnation, then we human beings are offered a time frame by our nature: LOCKDOWN” … The nature gives you a moment of choice, either to complain about what you can’t to during lockdown or you can focus on things you can truly work.

Let me ask you a question? Before the beginning of March 2020, did you ever wish that –

  1. If you got time to work from home!
  2. If you spent more time with your kids/ family no one visiting you!
  3. If you got time to stay at home and not doing anything you were forced to do!
  4. If you got to work on your professional/ social media or even dating profile!
  5. If you got to pursue your passion by being at home!
  6. If you needed to donate!
  7. If you contributed to a greener & healthier World!
  8. If you observed what’s your bare necessity of life!
  9. If you needed to work on your inner divine!
  10. If you wanted to hold-on to pull around!

If you get at least three of the above as an “Yes”, then you truly can use this lockdown to your favour!

To let this work in our favour, we can have an audit of our wheel of life and look at how are we poised to work on the following areas of life –

This state of lockdown has brought a great opportunity to look within and work on the areas needed which can range as Finance, Recreation, Love/ Romance, Health, Friends, Personal Growth, Self-Image, Career, Children, Family, Relationship, Contribution to Society, Spiritual life or anything significant to us. When developed strongly then we can do magic by bouncing back during post lockdown period. Isn’t it?

To have assured fun driven days during lockdown we can look at the following indicative list, about what we prefer to do to have fun in life:

  1. Starting an online reading club
  2. Updating CV & Professional Account
  3. Pampering Self & Doing workout
  4. Experiencing Video Tour of the locations on Wishlist
  5. Learning online courses
  6. Clicking selfies for all different moods
  7. Living the child within and conducting a Passion Marathon
  8. Playing some games together with friends or school mates (may be online)
  9. Doing something uncommon (not illegal/ inhuman)
  10. Creating vision board
  11. Creating/ writing/ publishing your blog (vlog)
  12. Decluttering what is not needed including mailbox
  13. Reading stories of successful personalities
  14. Reliving happy memories
  15. Non-verbally Communicating with family members

Of course, you can think off more…. May you categorise the activities into four categories such as mentioned below (or as per your choice)

The final words – if you don’t come out of this lockdown with: A New Skills, More Knowledge, Better Fitness & Health or something you desired for then remember…. You never lacked time, you lacked discipline…

Therefore, we may choose to focus on the positives and to make it a constructive phase of our life to grow…. Create your own momentum….. Enjoy life…..

Author: Dr. RKS Mangesh Dash

Advisor & Co-Founder TWARAN




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