By: Dr Rujuta Patil


Taking Your Article Towards Publication is a Research Series on article publication. Each step will be explained in each issue of the magazine.

Step 3 – ‘Set Right The Checklist’

While traveling you make sure to pack every necessary item to avoid any discomfort. Especially if it is an overseas vacation you plan everything in advance. You also keep a checklist of all important things including official documents, like ID proof, passport, VISA, emergency medications, etc. Submitting your research manuscript to any journal is the same as going on a vacation. You need advance planning and a checklist of all necessary documents to be uploaded in the website while submission. I will be addressing a few of the common documents required to be kept ready before beginning the process of manuscript submission.

1Front Page

Few journals prefer author information and article abstract together to be submitted as separate documents. Some journals don’t prefer to disclose author information to the reviewers to receive an unbiased opinion about the manuscript. In such a case, they ask authors not to include author details in the manuscript. All these guidelines have to be read beforehand and followed properly.

2List of Figures and Tables

All the figures and tables should be put up in a separate document and uploaded. This avoids confusion and gives clarity of the number of figures and tables included. Some journals are specific about the format in which figures are submitted. Few of the specifications include desired dpi and pixels, format of the figure to be in either png, jpg or tiff. Figures taken from already published articles need proof of approval from the original author to use his/her figure.

The manuscript will be straightaway sent back to the author if instructions are not followed.

3Cover letter – Resume of the Manuscript

Cover letter is an important and integral element of manuscript submission to journal. It gives an opportunity for the authors to highlight all the key elements of manuscript. This helps in showcasing the potential of your manuscript to journal editor and grab his/her attention. This is the reason why cover letter can be called as resume of the manuscript.

What to include in your cover letter?

It starts right from article title and type to author information like name, affiliation, address and email id. Certain journals specify authors to provide their ORCID iD. Corresponding author details should also be mentioned separately. Information about contribution of each author to the research along with author signatures should be added.

Incorporation of the brief of your research addressing questions like why is this research important? What makes it interesting for people to read?

Keep your cover letter nice and crisp. Add significant points that convince journal editors about the suitability of manuscript to be published in the journal. A well-written cover letter takes your manuscript to next level.

4Copyright Form

Copyright is intellectual property. It gives the creator of work rights to use his/her work the way he wants. Creator gets to decide when, where and under what conditions to publish, use, or distribute the work. In terms of articles or content writeups, the creator owns his/her article and nobody can copy and publish it in their name.

A copyright form is kind of a declaration by authors stating that the particular manuscript is their work and they are willingly submitting it to the journal of their choice for publication.

Some journals provide copyright form template which has been duly filled and signed by all the authors. Make sure all the authors read the copyright form carefully and then sign. Certain journals mandate the submission of copyright form along with the manuscript during submission.

What all may be addressed in the Copyright Form?

  • · Authors declare that the article is their original work
  • · Researchers legally identify themselves as authors of the article
  • · Authors confirm that the article is neither published nor under consideration in any other journal
  • · Authors accept and confirm their contribution towards the research, which makes them eligible to be called as author of the article
  • · Authors permit the specified journal to use and publish their article abiding by journal’s terms and conditions
  • Go through the author’s instructions properly and look for additional documents required to be submitted along with the manuscript. This eases the process of submission.


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